FFXV Guide to Weapons, Magics, and Royal Arms

Final Fantasy XV offers 7 types of normal weapon, two types of magic, and a special weapon belong to the royal family of Lucis Kingdom, royal arms. Each weapon has different attacking styles, combos as well as usage in a fight.

Noctis is the only character in the game being able to wield any types of weapon. In addition, he can wield up to four types of arms at the same time, while other characters can only hold two.

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Normal Weapon

One-handed sword

The one-handed sword is a versatile sword suitable for all kinds of close-quarter combat. It is quick yet deals moderate damage. The one-handed sword is especially good at a hit-and-run style.

The one-handed sword combo involves a quick slash following by several slashes in a short period of time. Noctis can even flip back (Down analog stick + O while attacking), dodge, and execute an aerial combo.


The greatsword is a big two-handed sword dealing heavy damage to several enemies at once. Noctis can even charge it for a greater damage. However, the weak point of the sword is its slowness. Holding a consecutive greatsword attack can be easily countered.

A greatsword combo involves a quick initial vertical slash following by a wide horizontal AOE attack. A recommended way to use this weapon is to use it as an opening strike, including a warp-strike, and then swiftly change into other weapons. Otherwise, wait for a change to slash an enemy from its back or executing a charge attack.

Due to its weight and size, Noctis cannot airstep with a greatsword.


The lance is a long spear dealing average damage but at a middle range. The best part about lance is its aerial attack where Noctis can leap into a thin air and stabs enemies several times at once.

The lance combo involves around several stabbing and piercing. At the end of the ground combo, Noctis jumps into the air for aerial strikes. Similar to the one-handed sword, Noctis can backflip while attacking, and even charge for a full thrust.


The daggers excel at consecutive combo attacks. A wielder can swiftly slash endlessly and tirelessly. It is the quickest weapon so far but lacks damage. With a proper guide and usage, daggers user can quickstepping around the enemy and attacking at the same time.

Unlike other weapons, Noctis can continuously slash enemies without having to execute a combo finisher. By holding a down analog stick with an attack button, Noctis will start throwing daggers at an enemy until it is out of range.


Pistol is a long-range weapon allowing its wielder to shoot an enemy from a far. However, it does not have any combo attack comparing to other weapons. Noctis will just keep shooting in a targeted direction.

Pistol is a good choice when a player wants to play safe by striking for afar, dodge an attack, and wait for a chance to parry and counter. It has a chance to stagger an enemy allowing a user to attack freely without a fear of getting a hit back.


We do not know much about the shield at the moment. It should be good for defending and interrupt an enemy. It is possible that Noctis can equip a shield and a one-handed sword at the same time.


Machinery consists of several weapons such as a chainsaw, an auto-crossbow, a bio blaster, and more. Unlike other weapons, Noctis cannot warp-striking with any machinery.

Machinery usually deals heavy AOE attack and have a special attack. For example, an auto-crossbow can fire a barrage of arrows. A chainsaw can be charged. A bio blaster can emit poison gas. Noctis cannot attack with some machinery while he is in the air.

ffxv machinery


Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is three common magic in Final Fantasy series including fire, blizzard, and thunder. The big different in FFXV is that it comes in a form of crafted item.

In order to craft an elemental magic, a player needs to gather elemental energies (fire, ice, and thunder), combines them together, and puts it into a magic flask. Spell damage depends on the number of energy used while crafting.

In addition, consumable items can be used as a crafting material creating additional effects to that elemental magic including a healing cast, dual cast, and even a poison cast.

Elemental magic does not cost any MP but has a slight cooldown after usage. It also has various effects based on weather and environment condition. Casting fire on a dry glass can leave that area burned for a while. Blizzard can freeze an enemy. Using thunder on a raining day increases its damage output.

It is not necessary to save a magic flask in only a difficult fight. Since magic can deal great damage to a group of monsters at once, it is an ideal for leveling.

Ring Magic

Ring magic is only available to the wielder of the Ring of Lucii. It is a royal accessory passed down from King Regis to Noctis. The wielder can cast several powerful non-elemental magic such as the death spell.

Other spells from the ring magic have not been revealed yet. They are expected to be other famous FF spells such as ultima, demi, meteor, and even support magic like protect, reflect, haste, and so on.

ffxv death spell

Royal Arms

Royal Arms are special weapons containing a power from the previous kings of Lucis. (It was called phantom swords in the past) They were hidden in the royal tombs throughout the huge world of Eos. Royal arms are an important part of Final Fantasy XV story since the first half of the game revolves around obtaining these noble weapons.

Royal arms are more powerful than a normal weapon yet gradually consumes MP. The later part of the game, Noctis should be able to execute his ultimate attack by summoning several royal arms at once to protect and attack enemies at the same time.

Currently, there are 14 confirmed royal arms so far including:

  • Sword of the Wise
  • Blade of the Mystic
  • Blade of the Brutal
  • Bow of the Airborne
  • Swords of the Wanderer
  • Blade of the Demonic
  • Axe of the Conqueror
  • Throwing Star of the Hidden
  • Shield of the Merciful
  • Staff of the Holy
  • Trident of the Oracle
  • Katana of the Fierce
  • Sword of the Father
  • Visit of the Dauntless

Noctis using Phantom Sword Secace

Betty / November 23, 2016 / Guide

Final Fantasy XV Guide to Ascension and AP System


After the announce of the delay back in August, Final Fantasy developer team has been releasing new video footages to fans continuously showing game development, stories, combat system, and more. This time in Pax West, a new video was released talking about one of prominent features we want to know the most, the skill progression.

Learn how to unlock all secrets and hidden stories with this Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. Complete walk-through, step-by-step levelling strategies, character progressions, combat tricks, side quests, hidden items, gear, gil making, and more are included in this detailed manual.

You can read my review here.

Final Fantasy fans actually have a glimpse of “Ascension” system before from the 50-minute gameplay but still have no idea much about it. This time Hajime Tabata and his team explained further what it is about. Weapon, magic, and battle styles were discussed here as well.

Character Progression through AP

Skills system in Final Fantasy XV can be progressed under “Ascension” in the main menu. It is pretty similar to “Sphere Grid” system in Final Fantasy X. Each skill node is unlocked with AP point which can be earned by levelling up, conversation and complete specific objectives during combat.

Gaining AP through levelling is pretty straightforward. For a conversation, sometimes if a player answers something during conversation, either with other NPCs or buddies, AP will be rewarded. For completing objectives, some combat have additional adjectives such as performing something 3 times. AP is given if a player succeeds it.

AP points are shared to all 4 characters. If a player currently has 59 AP points, it does not mean that he has 59 points for Noctis, 59 for Gladiolus, and so on. These points need to be spent between all four characters.

If one player invests too much in Noctis’ skill, it can result in other members not being skilful enough in tern of what they have equipped. This might create a further problem later in the game.

A freedom in FFXV character progression is one of the charms in this game.

ffxv skill nodes

Active and Passive Skills

Since Final Fantasy XV is an action game, there are both active and passive abilities. For example, passive ability can be about spending 24 AP to equip two accessories which active skill is about dodging in midair by pressing “X” or performing an airstep. There’s even a skill node to do an airstep unlimitedly in battle with the cost of MP.

Libra, locking on to an enemy while in cover and scan for weaknesses, is another example. Some enemies, a player need to use an advanced level of Libra called “Enhanced Libra” to scan for weaknesses. Damage can be boosted based on enemy weaknesses as well. This creates more depth to gameplay combat.

In addition, each person in the four party members has their own specific skill tree. Gladiolus, for example, is a shield of the party. He can activate “Equip Shield” allowing him to equip a shield for his secondary weapon. Without this skill, Gladiolus is unable to wear a shield.

Ignis, on the other hand, has a skill to analyse enemies’ weaknesses called “Libra”.

The skill system displayed in the Pax West 2016 is still under development. The final stage might be different.

Skill Nodes

There are several categories of these skill nodes that a player can activate making that character to be good at different thing. Some character can be a heavy hitter, another might be good at magic, some is a hybrid, and more. The developer team is improving the skill system to make it easier for a player to predict what kind of characters they are building.

Character progression can be done in anyway a player want. Some might want to play strategically by planning everything up ahead. Some might want to only focus on action. Because of this, they are many way to play Final Fantasy XV. It is recommended to activate skills that will support each player playstyle the most. Each style has pros and cons.

gladiolus using tempest

Weapon and Upgrade Options

Equipment is another important part of combat gameplay in Final Fantasy XV. It is under “Gear” menu. As mentioned earlier, some secondary weapon requires a certain skill. If a player wants to equip a shield for Gladious, the skill to equip shield need to be activated first.

Noctis can be an exception since he can equip almost all of the available weapons in the game.

Weapons in Final Fantasy can be upgraded as well. It indicates by a “yellow plus sign”. If any weapon has it, it is upgradeable. Machinery weapons such as a “Bio Blaster” or an “Auto Crossbow” can be upgraded as well.

Throughout the main story, a player needs to collect royal arms, a powerful weapon only available to the king of Lucis bloodline. It consumes MP when attacks.

Since a lot of weapons will be available later in the game, royal arms included, there is no need to stick only a single weapon. It is better to collect all of them and try to equip the one that suit to a player’s battle style the most.

weapon menu sample

Warp Strike

Warp Strike is a core part in FFXV combat allowing Noctis to freely warp instantly to various locations with amount of MP consumption. To execute, a player need to simply press a “Y” button (in XBox) and warp there to attack an enemy. Warp out can be performed in a similar manner. This makes the combat in Final Fantasy XV really fun.

One thing to keep in mind is a player cannot keep warp striking continuously without stop. It causes a player to quickly run out of MP and in a “Statis” mode.

Warp strike attack will be different based on a weapon that is currently equipped.

Battle Styles and Magic

There are many battle styles Final Fantasy. This includes “showing off”. A player can invest skill nodes having multiple visual effects. For example, one skill allows a player to creating a character shade when dodge successfully making it very flashy.

There’s a caster style as well by focusing on magic. Magic can be crafted through “Magic” in a main menu by combining elemental energies: fire, ice, and lightning together can create a hybrid magic. Moreover, a player can fuse elemental energies with an item to create an addition effect. For example, mixing magic with a potion is resulted in a heal cast. Some effect includes a “Tri-Cast” by casting magic three times.

Each magic has different effects based on environment and it should be equipped in a weapon slot the same way as other weapons.

The full interview can be seen below:

Betty / October 3, 2016 / Gameplay

Combat Guide Based on 50 Minutes Gameplay


Instead of September 30, Final Fantasy has postponed to November 26, 2016. In compensation for this bad news, the developer team released a new 50 minutes gameplay video showing all important systems especially on the gameplay of the game. This article is going to talk about everything we learned so far from this new gameplay footage.

Learn how to unlock all secrets and hidden stories with this Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. Complete walk-through, step-by-step levelling strategies, character progressions, combat tricks, side quests, hidden items, gear, gil making, and more are included in this detailed manual.

You can read my review here.

The video started with the backstory of Noctis and his friends escaping from a gigantic monster who set everything on fire. Then, it quickly swapped to chapter one that prince Noctis is on his way to meet his bride-to-be, Lady Lunafreya at Altissia, capital of Accordo. After that, all important gameplay are gradually displayed.

Here’re what we have learn from the video:

Main Menu

Main menu is a key part of Final Fantasy XV where you can take a look at all current status of your characters such as current HP/MP, attack, defense, EXP, and more. Gil, AP points, and the total number of playtime are also displayed here. In addition, you can literately control everything from here. There are 8 sub menus inside as followings:

Map – Show map of the current area. It can locate outposts and other points of interest. Areas you visit and objects you encounter as well as quest destination will be automatically added to the map. It can be updated by talking to tipsters at diners, and new points of interest in surrounding areas will be automatically added to the map.

5 sub menus can be found inside the map: return to rest point, return to car, call car, tow car, and return to entrance.

main menu

Quests – Check the list of all undertaken quests, both in progress and completed, and select a destination to display on the map. It is still unconfirmed how many side quests you can take at once though.

Gear – Equip weapons, accessories, outfits and techniques to all characters. Noctis can equip up to four weapons at the same time, while his friends can only equip two. Noctis and his friends’ outfits can be changed based on their attire. They can wear black jacket, military uniform, or even sport attires.

There are 13 types of weapon in FFXV: sword, greatsword, polearm, dagger, handgun, shield, machinery, royal arms, fire, thunder, blizzard, summon, but the last one is still unknown.

Ascension – Assigning AP (Ability Points) to all characters. AP is the game abilities system such as Libra (lock on to an enemy while in cover to scan for weaknesses), Accessory Slot (equip two accessories), Phase (automatically evade attacks while holding down square), and a lot more.

AP can be earned by leveling up, completing quests, strategic ops, and even by impressing friends in conversation.

Skills – Still do not sure what is it about since the game hasn’t shown it yet.

Magic – Craft spells using the elemental energy you have collects, then equip magic flasks to use them in the field. Magic can be equipped though “Gear” menu as well.

Items – Shows all items in possession

Photograph – Shows all photograph taken by Prompto


Item can be purchased at a various shops or NPC inside the game. An NPC inside the diner is going to be your main supplier. Recovery items, cooking ingredient, and more can be purchased here. Recovery items are quite similar to the previous installments: potion to recover HP, elixir to recover HP and MP, Phoenix Down to revise a fallen character, and an antidote to cure status alignment.

However, the only different is that potion now restores half of HP, instead of a slight exact amount of HP. Hi-Potion can store full HP. And elixir is not a rare item anymore. It can be purchased from an NPC but restores only half of HP and MP. You need to use Hi-Elixir for full HP and MP.

item purchase

Purchasing items from an NPC at the diner


There are mainly two types of quests in Final Fantasy XV: main quests and side quests.

Main Quest – It’s a primary way to progress the game story. It will begin after Noctis have a conversation with a certain character marked with a red icon. Sometimes during the conversation, a player is able to decide the flow of conversation eg when Noctis talked to Cindy in an early game regarding the Regalia, a player had 3 choices to question Cindy which are to ask for a discount, ask for a loan, and ask Noctis’ friends. The conversation that impresses an NPC will be rewarded with Ability Point.

The main quest will be always marked in red for both icon and quest title in the mini map. And after you completed it, a certain NPC, mostly a quest giver, will contact and tell you what to do next.

Side Quest – It’s an optional quests received from various. It comes with different rewards for example, hunting quest gives gil and exp, weapon upgrading quests give a more powerful weapon, and so on.

Hunting quest can be received from an NPC at the diner. The NPC will tell you available monsters in a hunting list with recommended level and rewards. Complete hunts to earn starts and increase your hunter rank. Increasing the rank will allow you to undertake more challenging hunts.

After accepting the quest, it will mark with different colors based on quest types. Hunting quest will be marked with yellow, blue for weapon upgrade, and so on.

Elemental Magic

Unlike previous installments, a player now requires to collect magic ingredient called “elemental energy” in order to case elemental magic such as fire, blizzard, and thunder. The energy can be absorbed from deposits found near havens (camping areas) and in other places around Eos. Some enemies also drop elemental magic as well.

After obtaining some amounts of elemental energy, a player needs to craft spells under “Magic Menu” and then equip magic flasks in order to use it during combat. Each magic flask gives different abilities as well based on components. For example, combining fire energy with a potion can cast a fire magic dealing damage to enemies and healing allies at the same time. The amount of damage is based on numbers of energy used in the spell craft.

It is recommended to always equip a magic flask. A proper combination of fire magic can deal a maximum damage at 9999 easily even in an early game making it becomes very useful when dealing with hordes of enemies or a difficult boss.

elemental magic harvest

Camping and Cooking

Camping at havens is the only way to get all EXP counted up from the day as well as getting a status-boosting meal. Ignis uses ingredients to prepare meals at camp. Each recipe requires different ingredients and provides different buffs.

For example, an open-faced breakfast sandwich, increasing attack by 30, requires two Gighee hams and two birdbeast eggs while Veggie Medley Stew, increasing attack by 20 and maximum HP by 150, requiring each of funguar, sheep milk, and laiden potato. Food buff only lasts for a day.

As soon as you acquire cooking ingredients necessary for a new recipe, Ignis’ will learn how to do it automatically. There are mainly four ways to obtain cooking ingredients: monster drops, loots, fishing, and buying from an NPC.

One thing to remember is that a player will not level up without camping and risk to encounter a difficult beast at night. For example, a level-30 iron giant can appear at night even in an early game.

cooking menu


Fishing is Noctis’ specialty. There are four things you need for fishing: Line, Lure, Rod, and Reel. Different line provides different durability. Different lure is suitable for a different fish. Rod and reel are for attack and defense.

To begin fishing, go to a fishing spot and press “x”. As soon as a fish bite a hook, immediately move L stick to a designated direction. Then, try to reel it in without breaking tension of the line.



Regalia is a main transportation in Final Fantasy XV. It will take the band of bros from places to places. When the game progress to some point, it can be modified into an airship. Noctis can drive it himself (manual drive) or ask Ignis to do the job (automatic drive). However, Ignis will not drive at night when the demons are out.

To start the automatic driving mode, select a destination from the list of locations and Ignis will drive there using the shortest route. Locations can be a parking spot, quest location, and any point in the map. When choosing a location, the game will tell you how long it takes to reach there.

When the driving starts, you can see a new icon showing how close you are to the destination. And when Noctis pass a specific location, he will talk to his friends about it. Driving seems to be limited than what we expect since we can only drive on the road.



A player should be able to ride a chocobo in Chapter 2 at the Chocobo Post after defeating the dead eye, the one-eye behemoth from the Episode Duscae. Chocobo can be customized by color and medal. A player can use seeds and fruits found in the wild to create dyes to change chocobo’s color.

Medals can be obtained by winning a chocobo race. It is only a decorative item which does not give any buff.

A chocobo can run, glide, and even swim. It is possible that there will be areas that are only accessibly by riding a chocobo at a later point of the game.

white chocobo

Noctis is riding a white chocobo

Royal Arms

Royal arms are mystical weapons embodying the power of the rulers of old and only eligible for the king bloodline, Noctis. These weapons are incredibly powerful but cost MP to wield. There are thirteen known royal arms each located at a royal tomb.

Noctis can easily get the first royal arm after meeting Cor. It is quite difficult to get the rest since most royal tombs are all abandoned and full of traps and monsters. Sadly, we still do not see the power of these weapons from the gameplay video.

royal arms - sword of the wise


Combat from the gameplay video isn’t that much different than in the past. See this article for more information.

Betty / August 22, 2016 / Combat