Recommended Final Fantasy XV Guide

After all this time, it feels impossible to really write these words: Final Fantasy XV is finally released.

I was lucky to get my hand on a copy early, so I was able to play the highly anticipated game almost a week by now. Trust me, you won’t need to invest so many hours into the game to finally realize how big, immersive, and detailed the world of Eos is.

The open world size is comparable to that of Fallout 4 or the Witcher 3, although there is some JRPG linear-feel on it. As with any open-world game, you can expect a lot of side quests, in fact, 200+ of them.

Yet, being a Final Fantasy game, you can also expect the usual complex progression and combat system, stat and Gil farming, and of course, secret stashes of weapons and equipment.

Should the impressive number of details scare you? Well, it did for me, especially because I wouldn’t have the time for multiple 100+ hours playthroughs to enjoy every aspect of the game.

With that concern, I decided to invest in a strategy guide, and after browsing and researching my options, my choice falls to Killer Guides’ Final Fantasy XV guide. Let me show you why:

Why Would You Need a Strategy Guide?

Let us first address the elephant in the room, the question and doubt so many gamers asked nowadays: In this days where you can search for any information online, why would you still need to purchase a strategy guide?

Here is my opinion to answer that question:

– Games nowadays are bigger and a lot more detailed, yet our lives are a lot busier

I’m sure many older gamers can relate to this one. Yes, we can argue that older games are more difficult and more ‘hardcore’, yet we didn’t have our seemingly never ending push notifications and emails on our phones back then.

On the other hand,I felt that on the contrary, It’s a lot easier to find online guides and forum back in the days. Nowadays, there are so many click-bait fake ‘guides’, or people trolling with story spoilers, etc. I want to have all the necessary details on my hand without having to spend hours and hours to search online and get spoiled. Let’s use that precious time to enjoy and explore the game instead!

– Hey, the guides are now in digital format, and cheaper than ever

Ever bought those ++ hardcover guide books where the contents are complete garbage? Or remember when you accidentally opened the last pages that spoiled the ending for you? Nowadays, the guides came in a digital format, regularly updated as the game evolves with patches, and in Killer Guides’ case, it’s only .99.


Why I Liked Killer Guides

Why then, my choice finally fall to Killer Guides? Well most of all, I liked how they write the guide with a gamer mind. For me, a guide should help you completing the game without sacrificing your experience of progression, and I felt Killer Guides really nailed that part.

The Killer Guides Final Fantasy XV guide is impressive with its detail, and they are on point with their layout. The layout, in particular, will be practical for you as the game progressed, showing you the correct preparation and equipment required for each quest and boss.

Here are some of the notable qualities of the guide:

Complete Walkthrough and Hidden Quests

As I’ve mentioned above, Killer Guides’ Final Fantasy XV guide came in a PDF format, with advantages such as:

-Regularly updated for obvious reasons
-Search function (CTRL+F ftw)
-I can read it using my phone or laptop depending on what’s more convenient for me at the moment

Being a PDF format, it’s easier to search for areas I’m currently in without accidentally spoiling myself to the story by opening later pages, an issue I often found with hardcopy guides.

I restarted the game for a fresh run once I got my Killer Guides FFXV guide. So far, with 40+ hours using it, I’ve completed all main quests, was on point with my side quests, built pretty powerful characters with great gear, and as far as I can tell, it satisfies my inner OCD as a perfectionist.

Impressive Side Quests Section

Killer Guides’ dedicated side quests section really nailed what I truly wanted from a guide. It’s well structured with great layout, and the contents are nothing short of amazing.

They are on point, especially for the timing of when to take and finish a certain quest. You can feel the sense of progression, both story and gameplay-wise, and can rest assured that you won’t miss any important quests along the way.

So far in my experience, they are also correct with their reward lists, which is also a plus point, with so many typos or wrong reward lists found on other guides for other games.

Last but not least, one thing they also do right is that they understand that being over-leveled can ruin the fun of the game, and the leveling section really tackled that issue. You won’t be so far into grinding that you’ll be too powerful in the main questline, which have always been such a turnoff for me in a lot of other games.

Bosses and Combat Strategy

Final Fantasy series is famous for a lot of things, and If you’re like me and has been a long-time fan of the series, one of them is those deep strategies involved for the harder bosses. Remember the old Weapons from FFVII? Or Penance in FFX?

For XV, these bosses will happen more often, and there’s even a boss that will need 72-hours real world time to beat!

Killer Guides also did it right for this section, as strategies for bosses, difficult enemies, and dungeons are explained clearly, but yet still leaving rooms for your own creativity.

AP Farming and Levelling

Although the Final Fantasy series is one of my favorites, one thing I really hated the most from the series is the leveling and AP farming. Don’t take me wrong, I love grinding on other games, it’s just that on Final Fantasy series, sadly including XV, the grinds are sometimes too repetitive.

Thankfully, Killer Guides included a grinding section both for level and AP, so I can have around 500,000 EXP and 672 AP within an hour, and use my precious time to actually enjoy the game.

Bottom Line

I’d definitely recommend the Killer Guides Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide. Being only .99 and with regular updates, the guide definitely justified its own value.

With this guide, I can use my hard-earned, precious time to worry less about being a completionist, and actually enjoy the story and the beautiful world of EOS. One thing I probably will criticize is I could use more detailed maps. Hopefully, they will add it in the future updates.

If you are like me and you value efficiency, this guide might also be the right one for you!


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