Complete Preview of Final Fantasy XV Demo

When Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases, everyone will get to play Episode Duscae, which is a slice of Final Fantasy XV. The demo starts where Noctis and his group need cash to repair Regalia, their vehicle. In order to get money quickly, they decide to hunt a Behemoth in the Duscae wilderness. Duscae is like an open world title with wide-open spaces of forest, swamp, hills, and plains. However, Noctis can’t swim, so you can go anywhere except the deep water to find items, fight foes and complete side quests.

Create Waypoints through In-Game Map

An open world RPG is a perfect description for FFXV. You can bring up the in-game map to create waypoints to different quest markers or you can wander around aimlessly. You can also be given additional quests to undertake by one of Noctis’s party members when you come across points of interest.

You’ll run into the new threat indicator and enemies as you wander around the area. As you move closer to antagonistic characters, a red bar forms in the center of the screen and spreads outward, giving you a chance to occasionally avoid combat. If you decide that you want to fight, you simply switch into combat mode, as there’s no screen shift.

Noctics Is The Only Controllable Character

You can only control Noctis when in combat, while his friends are controlled by AI. They can help Noctis and they do what they can to survive on their own. Noctis’ abilities can be categorized into warping around the battlefield freely, materializing swords to attack, dodging most attacks, and using a small set of special Techniques.

Attack is square button. You can select technique (D-Pad left and right to change Technique) thru Triangle button. Noctis can warp to the high ground or perform a Warpstrike on an enemy thru the X button. Noctis can hide behind cover thru L1.

All actions outside of basic attacks costs MP. Dodging costs you around 10 MP. Warpstrike costs 20 MP, which is the best way to close distance between you and an enemy. There are variable costs to Noctis’s techniques.

Combat in Final Fantasy XV is about managing the MP pool in real-time, as it refills automatically at a set rate. Noctis drops in Stasis Mode when MP drops to 0, where he stumbles around and can’t perform any special moves whatsoever. To avoid this you can either take to cover, or you can stick to basic attacks and wait for your MP to fill. Warping onto high ground or hiding behind cover increases your MP regeneration rate. So the ebb-and-flow of combat is slashing enemies and dodging their attacks, warping around the battlefield, and occasionally dropping back to replenish your magic.

Weapon Customization Options

Customization comes in Noctis’ sword attacks, which fall into five categories: Crush, Ravage, Vanquish, Counter, and Descend. Each corresponds to how many times you hit the Square button. Crush is the opening attack. Ravage is the continuous slash combos that you can do. Vanquish can do extra damage, as it strikes an enemy that’s low on health. Counter comes after a successful parry.

You can equip different swords in each of these categories when you open up your weapon inventory. You’ll gain different effects depending on the weapon and which slot you put it in. You can also gain status benefits like improved MP regeneration outside of more damage.

How you performed in the battle will determine your set amount of XP, plus a bonus. The interesting thing about XP in Episode Duscae is it’s not alloted to your characters until you rest up at a camp. Tt’s best to pitch your tent when day turns into night. When you camp, your team can level up and gain new abilities and all of the day’s experience will be counted up. To give you special bonuses during the day time like increased damage or XP gain, you can also have Noctis cook up different recipes.

The graphics look good. What prevents it from being a perfect experience are the hitches here and there. There were framerate hitches in some cutscenes. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae can be a fine looking demo if you can overlook these slight issues.

Are you ready for the “Final Fantasy 15” demo? It’s only been in development for close to nine years. Let’s cut to the chase and run down what we know in this guide below:

Where Can I Find It? And When?

The demo will be packaged with launch day copies of the PS4 and Xbox One ports of “Final Fantasy Type-0.” on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 in North America, the following Thursday in Japan and the Friday right after in Europe. Initially released as a Japanese exclusive for the Sony Playstation Portable in October 2011, this release date has been a long time coming in the hearts and minds of many a “Final Fantasy” fan. “Final Fantasy Type-0” has been acclaimed as a very strong entry for traditional JRPG fans while also being very appealing to western fans of the genre in terms of style.

What Features Are Playable in the Demo?

Judging from what has been released so far, developer Square-Enix wants to show of a lot to make their vision clear, while also not laying all of their cards out on the table. The “Final Fantasy 13” series was something of a divisive stretch for the RPG giant, and their plans for the newest title look to build on what those games did right, correct what they did wrong and leave open room for experimentation. Here is what we know:

Open World

The promotional materials thus far have been big on showing off the main party’s car, but the producers want to put the brakes on it for the demo. One thing they’re sure to play up is the open nature of the world. The first entry in the “Final Fantasy 13” games was criticized by many as being a “hallway simulator,” so intentionally going against that expectation is a good call.


The demo will emphasize the growth away from traditional turn-based combat. The real time battle system has its roots in Square-Enix’s “Kingdom Hearts” with different commands mapped to different controller buttons. The battle screen won’t be separate from traveling the environment, like in the twelfth and fourteenth series entries. This aspect of the game is highly subjective and will make or break it for many. It’s really hard to believe after the title began its development way back in May 2006, but fans will finally get their hands on a real, playable chunk of the game.

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