Guide to Final Fantasy XV Combat: Cover System, Weapons, Abilities, and More

Final Fantasy 15 is bringing a ton of great new things to the table of the titanic Final Fantasy series. Some of those things will be updates on the classic building blocks that have been major features in all the previous installments and some of them will be totally new. One addition that’s been getting a lot of people talking and that’s been speculated on quite a bit is the new cover system and health regeneration features.

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In past Final Fantasy games it was common to have one of your characters cast a spell like “Cure” that gave them a certain amount of health points in order to heal injured party members. From what we’ve seen in the trailers for the game, this cast-system is a direction that the developers of XV are moving away from, or at least shaking up a bit. Only one of the characters is going to have the traditional access to ‘magic,’ since he’s the only one with access to the crystal. From the screenshots and gameplay videos that have come out, it’s evident that there won’t be the traditional heal button.

Introduction to Cover System

What can we make from this? It comes down to what the developers have referred to as a ‘cover’ system. This will allow the player to make their character take cover to defend against and avoid damage from incoming attacks. This isn’t an idea they’ve invented, as gamers will have seen it in recent years ever since it was heavily popularized in games like Gears of War. Those other games almost always use cover as a way not to just avoid taking damage, but to also to regenerate your character’s health. This leads to a much more action oriented and streamlined content that gamers en masse have responded to favorably, which would help FFXV really appeal to larger audiences according to The director Tabata’s interview.

Some gamers have complained that this idea sounds unoriginal for a series such as Final Fantasy, but there are a number of interesting ways that the developers could synergize this new ability with the rest of the game’s mechanics. Some people have speculated that rather than simply healing the player, it could give the player an increased rate of mana regeneration that would then allow them to heal once they’ve brought their pools up and have direct healing be automatic.

Plenty of Weapons

The main character of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV is a telekinetic prince named Noctis Lucis Caelum. He is able to equip any item available in the game, including swords, axes, guns and spears, and when using his telepathy he can wield several at the same time. Each weapon has a specific set of attributes, and is customizable. The game selects a weapon for you that is appropriate to the situation when battle begins, but the weapon can be changed by choosing from a menu in a small HUD on the lower left hand corner of the screen. You can learn more about this from our Duscae Demo Walkthrough.

Pure Combat Adventure

Final Fantasy XV sets its combat scenes in real time, and like Final Fantasy XII, they flow smoothly with other parts of the game. There are no transitions or loading screens. Once you’re in battle, everything in your environment will play a part in your strategy and the way you fight, including elevation, weather, obstacles, and the size, shape, and ability of both your opponents and allies. The real time command inputs give FFXV a more action oriented feel than any of its predecessors. Commands will be executed as soon as the button is pressed, and combat will be about building different sequences of attacks using those commands while navigating the three dimensional environments. Using the “Link Form” command, players will have access to a variety of interaction with other combatants, including the ability to climb on larger enemies and a grappling attack for close range. Magic will also play a key part in combat. It will have different effects depending on the situation, and can affect the surrounding areas. For instance, fire magic has the potential to set dry foliage ablaze. Randomly generated weather determines when certain types of monsters appear, and can bolster or hinder magic attacks as well.
Special Abilities

Teleportation Ability

Perhaps the most innovative and exciting ability in Noctis’ skill set is the Warp ability. Glowing icons around the battlefield will denote Warp locations, and Noctis will be able to transport himself instantly by targeting and throwing his sword at those locations. The command uses MP, but when combined with Noctis’ abilities and the organic, free flowing battle system, it allows a great deal of flexibility and improvisation for creating different attack combinations. Through the “Link Form” command, Noctis is also capable of devastating attacks that utilize his telekinetic powers to control every weapon in the group’s arsenal at once. Not much is yet known about these attacks, but it seems they will be similar to Limit Breaks in previous FF games and will be among the most powerful moves available.

While we have not yet received absolute confirmation from the developers on precisely what form their cover system is going to take (and we likely won’t get anything concrete until the game is actually released), we can know for certain that whatever it is, it will breathe some new life into the series. And there’s even the camping and cooking here!. This is a game that’s had a consistent and gradual evolution ever since the original Final Fantasy game was released back in the 80s. While the games are almost always fun and engaging, they’re still all closely connected with each installment’s predecessor going back each step. Without any doubt, whatever new forms the game takes, it will still be a solid Final Fantasy game and will have something for both hardcore fans of the series and newcomers alike.


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