Xbox One S Support FFXV HDR Mode

Last month it is confirmed that Final Fantasy XV is going to support HDR mode with a better graphic in the newest Player Station Pro. This time, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox team, stated that their newest console, Xbox One S, can also run FFXV in HD as well.

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xbox one s

Xbox One S, the latest Xbox version from Microsoft

Why Does It Matter?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a new technology that brings a significant improvement on the gaming experience. It enhances the quality of an image by giving more dynamic to details, color, and lighting. With this technology, video games are realistic and create a better authentic feeling to players.

For example, the dark scene will be pretty dark and the white scenes will be really white. However, details in these two scenes can still be seen clearly. This sort of technology can even further enhance gaming experience to the game with high graphic details like Final Fantasy XV.

One thing to remember is that HDR TV is required to run in HDR since a normal television cannot display this high dynamic range.