Introduction to FFXV Summons: How It Works, Design, and Differ from the Previous Series


In this article we are going to talk about the information revealed on the summon based on everything we have seen so far such as the Episode Duscae demo, platinum demo, game footages and so on.

Summon is a unique feature of the Final Fantasy series that has been introduced since Final Fantasy 1 for almost 20 years ago.

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How Summon Works

Summon in FFXV, like usual, can be obtained by winning that summon. And Noctis is the known person so far who can summon these Archaeans. Each summon can deal significant damage to enemies with impressive graphic.

During the fight with Summon, do not expect it to be a 1-1 duel. Instead, they will involve multiple parties fighting at one. Hajime Tabata, the FFXV lead game director, said that

“The battle composition is a little bit different. Because you have Noctis’ home country at war with an enemy nation. It isn’t always just player versus summons. It’s also players versus summons versus the enemy state – there are other battle factors.”

We have a footage showing a mass battle sequence featuring Leviathan which is going to be one of the biggest epic scene in the game. During the footage, Leviathan is fighting against a group of army and attacks all people around.

How Leviathan first appears in Final Fantasy XV

How Leviathan first appears in Final Fantasy XV


The team represent also talked about the process creating these Archaeans. Final Fantasy graphic and technology team have the following to say about how massive it is to create these Summons.

“In the old days, the monster team would develop the design. Then hand it off to the technology team to see what we could do. But FFXV isn’t like that: the technology and the art is more merged.”

“In the case of Ramuh, we had given them a procedural sky system. The sky can get dark when you summon him in a really convincing way whereas in a previous generation, you would just darken the sky. In that case, the tech was informing the design. An example of the other case is Leviathan – a lot of what she needs drove feature requests on the water systems. “

“For the summon, we pass it to the technology team and let them decide how it will be summoned. That team p ushes out technology to the limits to ensure that the requence will be successful and impressive. The artist come up with lots of ideas, but at the end of the day, we leave it to the technology team”

In other word, they have been making Summons as majestic and as convincing in the game as much as possible by improve how the technology used in the game graphic. This is very interesting to see once the game comes out.

They bring out the most advanced technology and method to convince how summon exist in the world rather than a gigantic monster. In order to do so, the team strives to make this beast imposing as well as react to the environment and situation around them.

The example is Titan. As we saw in footage, when it is summoned, the massive summon was shown up, picked up Noctis with his left hand and slam out the group by gigantic punch dealing serious damage to enemies.

Summons React Differently Based on Condition and Situation

The game director Hajime Tabata stated that it’s not necessary that the Titan will perform the same attack every time he’s summoned.

Hajime Tabata, FFXV's Game Director

Hajime Tabata, FFXV’s Game Director

“When called upon, Titan will think and react depending on where he is in relation to Noctis. For example, maybe it’s close to run, or maybe it’s easier to throw a boulder. Or he may give up and go home! So there are these different action triggers that determine events.”

This is definitely different from the previous installation of Final Fantasy games in which Summons are only involved in a powerful attack proceeded by a cool set animation sequence. This will not be the case in Final Fantasy XV. Summon will be dynamic and perform different action depending on the environment and situation around.

The mean of summoning can also be different. Something to keep in mind about Final Fantasy 15 is that you do not perform summons by just only selecting what summon you are going to use from the menu. Depending on the Archaeans and their personalities, they will each have condition from calling them.

For example, a player needs to be in a critical combat situation in order to call “Ramuh” like what we have seen in the demo. However, this might be changed after the official release.

Known Summons

Unfortunately, we still have not known other conditions in order to summon other Archaeans. Despise that, they do exist and players need to keep in mind really well if they want to do in during a combat.

The last information regarding this is a list of known summon so far. Currently there are 4 known Summons namely

• Ramuh
• Titan
• Leviathan
• Carbuncle

They are all what we have seen in the footage as well as two demos. As for the remaining summons, we are all should be happy to see other class to appear such as Bahamut, Shiva, Ifrit, and Odin.

This is everything we have known so far at present regarding Summons in Final Fantasy XV. Stay tuned and wait for the official launch on September 30, 2016!