Graphic in Final Fantasy is Gorgeous!

The Final Fantasy series has been around for a long time. The original installment was released way back in 1988, so the series itself has been around through numerous innovations within the video game industry, particularly when it comes to graphics. The original game featured very flat, pixilated characters and a world that was made up of a very limited color palette, but as time marched on, so did the innovators at the game series’ development studios. Final Fantasy 7 saw the move from 2 dimensions to 3, which is one of the reasons it’s one of the most beloved installments of the series to date.

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Time has moved on considerably since then, and the latest addition to the family, Final Fantasy XV (15), is showing to be a particularly beautiful game that utilizes the most cutting edge graphics that will have gamers everywhere swoon over the painstakingly and lovingly crafted world.

The engine that’s being utilized to accomplish this is called Luminous Studio, which is actually being created at the same time specifically for the new game, which ensures that it will have all the bells and whistles that players have become familiar with in other recent graphics engines along with much more.

This new system will allow the game to run at a stunning 1080p with a fair 30 frames per second without any additional support. The characters alone will be comprised of around 100,000 polygons each and the system will allow the total number of polygons to be displayed at any one time to push upwards to five million. This is a huge number when it comes to games and will surely mark Final Fantasy 15 as an ambitious trendsetter in the industry as time moves on. To give you an idea of how big of a bump this is, Final Fantasy 13, which was released on the last generation of Xbox and Playstation, only featured characters with a fifth as many polygons.

Gamers who’ve been paying close attention to the development news of this latest Final Fantasy game have been waiting patiently ever since it was first announced, and it looks like that waiting has paid off. Amazing combat system alone is worth the wait. While no official time has been announced as far as release dates go, speculators have calculated that the game should definitely be out within the year, hopefully by the time the holidays come around.

Aside from the raw graphics power alone, the Final Fantasy series itself has been one that’s always utilized its graphics capabilities in new and interesting ways. The worlds are all heavily stylized and the characters are very well created which means this extra boost in power will allow the game designers even more freedom when it comes to breathing life into the Final Fantasy world. The technical power behind the Luminious Studio combined with the artists that are working on this game will be the perfect marriage between power and style that will make Final Fantasy 15 a game that will be remembered for a very long time to come.


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