Expected Available Mini Games in FF15

When it comes to the world of Final Fantasy, there are more games and mini games around than anyone could deal with. From Chocobos and card games, down to digging for treasure or player versus player battle, the Final Fantasy series has continued to reinvent itself by breaking up the monotony of the main game with mini games galore.

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While there is still no confirmation of what will be in the next title in the series, Final Fantasy XV is set to have at least a few of the video games we have come to know and love. Expect some of the following mini games in the next Final Fantasy series.

Justice Monsters Pinball

While little is actually known about the game itself, it almost appears that this will be a mini game available to play in the actual title. It appears that Noctis and company will not only be able to kick back and play this form of pinball, but it also appears that Justice Monsters five is a mini version of an RPG in itself. With Chocobos, bosses, and spells all possibly making the jump into the game as well, this could be something fun for all of the players to incorporate into their own game.

Whether Noctis and friends actually spend a considerable amount of time playing Justice Monsters, whether it is a central part of the game, or whether you can even earn prizes and gil as in previous titles all remain to be seen. One thing is certain, however, and that is you can take a pitstop and play the mini game so long as it is included in the final version. The trailers do appear to have it though, so who knows?

Chocobo Spotting

It may be a little bit difficult to know exactly what they are doing and how much they will be involved in the game itself, but there has been some footage leaked that shows Noctis and his company moving about and exploring the world. While this might not be an actual mini game and could just be part of the exploration and travel of the game itself, having open world chocobos seems to be a breath of fresh air for the series.

With the traditional chocobo ability of running and sprinting, you have an easy method of travel. Throw in the jumping, gliding, and even what appears to be drifting while running at top speeds, and you can fairly easily see why these chocobos will be some added fun in Final Fantasy XV.

Fishing Galore

What better way to take it easy when you are in the middle of a national war then to to have a nice and relaxing hobby like fishing? Noctis apparently is going to be able to have a reel and rod in hand and hopefully catch some fish in the process. There are questions as to whether or not other prizes can be caught or if you will just be able to use the fish to eat, but in either case there is more than enough excitement to be able to play something that hasn’t been seen for a few titles in the Final Fantasy series.

Card Games Anyone?

While there is yet to be any photographic evidence from a gameplay point of view when it comes to playing cards, there have been some pieces of artwork that point out Noctis and his band of merry men holding and throwing cards around. Could it be a return to prior games like Tetra Master or Triple Triad? Or, could this just be a jfun image meant to have gamers guessing? The fact is this type of mini game continues to fit in well within the Final Fantasy series, and anything you can do in order to collect cards and have countless battles along the way also seems realstic even if it isn’t going to be included in the Final Fanntasy series.

Hunting Beasts

Some players and fans may not consider this a “minigame,” but there is reason to be excited about the fun that is tracking down your foes and picking them off. As with hunts in prior versions of the Final Fantasy series, there is big gil offered as a reward if you can slay any of the beasts. However, you also need to consider the bigger that the reward is, the tougher the foe will be to even take them down in the first place. Keep this in mind before hunting down some of the biggest baddies.

As news continues to come out, there will possibly be even more evidence about the mini games and everything else that will also be included in the next installment of the Final Fantasy series. Even if they don’t add any more, there certainly seems to be more than enough games to keep you distracted.

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