Best Gil Making Methods

Every gamer agree that once you are in a mid-game, it is usually a difficult task to accumulate money, which is useful in buying weapons, cooking ingredients and healing items. Unlike other games, main mission or killing monsters does not reward any Gil. This has been due to the realistic nature of the game. For the FFXV, we are going to equip you with ways of earning up to a million Gil effortlessly.

Learn how to unlock all secrets and hidden stories with this Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. Complete walk-through, step-by-step levelling strategies, character progressions, combat tricks, side quests, hidden items, gear, gil making, and more are included in this detailed manual.

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Take Part in the Totomostro

While in Altissia, there are usually hidden arena battles. Though they are small, they will be useful in accumulating your Gil stock. In this mini-game, you can place bets before fighting the monsters. Once they win the battle, you get to collect medals which can later be exchanged for 700 Gil. I know 700 Gil does not seem like enough money, but a few more battles will earn you more trophies which will result in more money.

If you are patient enough, you could repeat the Totomostro over and over again and in five hours, you could have almost 5 million medals will you could trade to the merchants for about a million Gil. You will then be good to go.

Totomostro in ffxv

Accept Hunting Quests

We all agree that hunting quests are not all that enjoyable. However, since we are in need of Gil, we have to push our limits. One way of getting hunting contracts is by going to the local restaurant. If you do not push too much, you could be awarded a hunting contract through which you can earn treasures that you will then hand over in exchange for Gil.

For easier hunts, accept those that should take place in the morning or that have no specific time duration. Night hunts are normally more difficult and you may feel that you are not getting value for your effort. However, its reward is better once your party is powerful enough.

Play the 10K Justice Monster Five

The Justice Monster is a pinball game that is found in several diners and cafes in the world of Final Fantasy XV. It is a game that Noctis and his friends like to play a lot. The normal playing cost is 10 gil with normal rewards.

However, there’s a hidden 10k machine in Altissia for more advanced players with great rewards. In this scene, you are expected to play for hours and fight against the enemies and bosses. In order to complete the task, you need to lower their HP as much by accurately shots and combo hits. Once enough treasures are accumulated, you will be rewarded with luxurious items, including accessories. The 99 chests reward you with Wind-up Lord Vexxos that can be sold for 500k.

Side Quests

Completing the mission might not earn you enough Gil but taking part in these quests may be the answer to your Gil troubles. In order to take part in these quests, you have to talk with the quest giver and complete their quests. There are several quests that one may be assigned. Some may involve defeating an enemy while others may be fetching some item or even taking pictures of certain places. Once the quest has been completed, you will be rewarded with EXP, gil, and items.

The recommended quest giver is VYV for his photography quests. This task will often involve taking pictures of various land marks that are found in the game’s world. It might take you out of the route but totally worth it.

vyv in ffxv

Find The Treasures in Your Inventory and Sell them

When you reach certain points of the game, there will be a lot of unused items and accessories in your inventory. Sell everything that you do not plan to use or need it. Some of them are worth up to a few thousand Gil. Always keep your eyes on the map for treasure spots or those shining white collectibles!

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VYV: The Best Side Quests in FFXV for Gil

To earn extra Gil and exp, you can easily take some snapshots during your adventures in Eos. You will find Vyv standing in the lookout area below the parking lot in Lestallum. He will pay some good Gil for photographs of places of his interest. VYV is considered as one of the best quest hubs in the game.

Learn how to unlock all secrets and hidden stories with this Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. Complete walk-through, step-by-step levelling strategies, character progressions, combat tricks, side quests, hidden items, gear, gil making, and more are included in this detailed manual.

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The Perfect Landscape (Recommended Level 8)

This quest is unlocked when you complete the Tour with Iris in Chapter 3 and rewards 1,000 XP and 5,000 Gil. Talk to Vyv to get your first assignment. He wants you to take a few pictures of the Disc of Cauthess. Drive to your first location, have Prompto take a picture, then drive to the second to snap the next one as will all these quests you need to take photos during daytime. Head back to him to hand him the pictures and get your reward.

An Eye for Islands (Recommended Level 10)

You can unlock the quest after you complete the initial Perfect Landscape. It rewards 1,500 XP and 7,500 Gil. The second task into take the picture of Angelard. You can find the island off the south east coast. Once he gives you details go back to the dock at Galvin Quay (where the Dino is located), take a shot and return back to Vyv.

Aftermath of the Astral War (Recommended Level 12)

Rewards 2,000 XP along with 10,000 Gil. You have to take two pictures of Taelpar Crag. The position for the first shot will be near an Imperial base so expect ambushes. The second shot is from the bridge. Then head back to Vyv.

Of Gods and Kings (Recommended Level 14)

Awards 2,500 XP and 12,500 Gil. Vyv now wants you to take two pictures in the Fallgrove tomb. Both locations are near one another, you need to kill some of the wildlife before you can take them.

vyv in ffxv

Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration (Recommended Level 20)

Rewards 3,000 XP and 15,000 Gil. This quest is far more dangerous than the previous ones. Go or the Rock of Ravagoth, but where you would normally go left, take the right up the red hot rocks. They will deal damage as you ascend, don’t hang out there, avoid any fights whenever possible. Once you reach the top snap a picture of the cave and then go out there before you are consumed by flames.

A Place to Call Home (Recommended Level 22)

The photography spot is right back at the location where Chapter 1 ended. There will be some Imperial resistance on your way, but once you clear your way and do the snapshot, head back to Lestallum. The quest awards 3,500 XP and 17,500 Gil.

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword (Recommended Level 25)

There are three places you need to photograph. This quest will yield 4,000 XP and 20,000 Gil. These can be completed in random order. Three sub quests will be added to your log marking the locations, because of their proximity to Imperial bases you can expect some ambushes when you get close to each.

Cleigne Imperial base: Taken from the road that passes to the north of the base.
Duscae Imperial Base: The photo is taken from the bridge on the south side of the base.
Leide Imperial Base: The photo is taken from the dirty road leading to the southern corner of the base.

The Cursed Canvas (Recommended Level 30)

The final Vyv quest awards 5,000 XP and 25,000 Gil. This can be either done while visiting Altissia during the story, or you may return after by calling Umbra at a rest spot. Take a gondola, ride to the floating bar, talk to the maiden to mark the location on your map and then engage the “A Lost Painting” hunt. Take the gondola to the Ministerial Quarters Station, go down into the basement and kill Chadamook. She will be resistant to all physical weapons and vulnerable to Royal weapons as well as fire. Go back to Vyv to turn in the final quest.

the cursed canvas

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A Short Guide to AP Farming

In this article you learn how to quickly earn some AP. If you view the Ascension ability tree, you will notice there is a lot of abilities to unlock some of which cost hundreds of AP. AP doesn’t drop at a steady rate while you play, but it is a resource similar to XP. There are always opportunities to get more everywhere you venture.

Learn how to unlock all secrets and hidden stories with this Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. Complete walk-through, step-by-step levelling strategies, character progressions, combat tricks, side quests, hidden items, gear, gil making, and more are included in this detailed manual.

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If you want to get AP fast and don’t mind grinding, it’s recommended to find a group of low level creatures you are able to quickly kill with Warp Striker over and over to get 1 AP per kill. One great location for this is west Duscae near the Disc of Cauthess, where you can get more than 800 AP per hour a lot of Gils and XP at the same time. You need the monster whistle to call enemies to your locations (which will be obtained up at Chapter 4) and you need to be there when it s not raining, otherwise it is only about simple killing creatures over again.

Having certain AP boosts will increase your AP gains, consider doing some workarounds prior to grinding to maximize the effort. You can get AP from different sources such as taking tours, leveling up, training with Gladio, performing specific kills and abilities during a battle, but if you take your AP gains seriously, consider to invest your first AP points into Exploration part of the menu that gives AP for doing other activities like Roar-running (32 AP) makes you earn AP from driving in the Regalia. Choco-bump will make you get AP from riding your Chocobo.

Then there are options such as getting AP from winning Chocobo races, taking photographs, catching fish, visiting new camp or when you cook a member’s favorite food. It’s recommended to get the Road-running (using the Regalia), Choco-bump (using the Chocobo), Happy Camping (camping in a new location) and Magic Action (getting Ap from casting a spell) first, because these are all activities you will be performing regularly when you start your journey throughout the whole game. There are also AP boosters from Armiger and Magic areas. For example Armiger Action (48 AP) will make you earn AP whenever you use the Armiger ability. Magic Action (24 AP) will make you earn AP whenever you cast a spell.

ffxv ascension grid update

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Grab the Royal Arms at Malmalam’s Thicket and Myrlwood Forest Dungeons

Before you’re finally beaten the campaign, side quests and finished the story lines, you may ask what’s in Final Fantasy XV’s endgame. Well, there are definitely some things you can do that are challenging. Whether it’s tombs you encounter during the story or optional end-game locations you stumble upon in the open world, they feature tough enemies and by the end of it, you will get powerful new items, Armiger upgrades or a ton of XP.

Learn how to unlock all secrets and hidden stories with this Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. Complete walk-through, step-by-step levelling strategies, character progressions, combat tricks, side quests, hidden items, gear, gil making, and more are included in this detailed manual.

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Before doing dungeons and tombs, don’t forget to make camp and eat a good stat-boosting dish. This ensures that your party is at full health and the best meals ensure that you’re powered up enough to deal with the powerful enemies. Make sure you are stocked on consumable items, such as Regeneration or Resurrection potions. Don’t forget your Regalia has a shop you can access whenever you climb inside. While there are certain level requirements for many dungeons and tombs, it’s recommended to deal with them with at least 5 level highers than the requirements.

Waiting until you finish the main story is recommended, but you may also approach them earlier which will give you a plethora of benefits such as Armigers and AP or XP gains. Always carry with you a range of weapons and magic to ensure you can expose the weakness of your foes and bosses.

Having Light weapons will help you with daemons and it’s recommended to unlock an Enhancement technique for Ignis for 18 AP in the Ascension tree that temporarily transforms your weapon’s element to the weakness element your enemy is locked to while at the same time giving you a bonus to the same element.

If you become overwhelmed halfway through the dungeon, don’t worry you can always return. It is always about learning the dungeon’s enemies. You may return with newfound knowledge and commence where you left off.

Malmalam’s Thicket – Tomb of the Pious (Recommended Level 35)

Malmalam Ticket can be found in the south west area of the map. Take the western road from Old Lestallum, turn south at the end of the road and park just north on Maidenwater. Makes your way on foot (or use a chocobo) through the woods until you find the entrance. The dungeon is a straight run from the entrance up to the exit. You will encounter Solider Wasps (weak to Daggers, Ice, Javelins and resistant to Lightning) and Mandrakes (weak to Fire, Swords, Guns and resistant to Lightning) on your way and when you reach the open area at the end, you will be fighting a Bandersnatch which is weak to Javelins, Lightning while resistant to Fire. The fight takes place in a large open area where you can make long distance Warp Strikes for plenty of HP. When he’s down enter the tomb to collect the Scepter of the Pious.

Myrlwood Forest – Tomb of the Rogue (Recommended Level 36)

The Myrlwood is found in the northwestern corner of the map, south west of Vesperpool. Make your way along the wooded path to the entrance, head straight west through the green area where you find Mushussus that are weak to Shields, Frost, Javelins and resistant to Fire and Mandrakes. As soon as you are through the woods, you can take the left turn to find a campsite, fishing spot and elemental essences. The other way will lead you to the Treant. It is weak to Mechanisms, Fire and Broadswords while resistant to Lightning. Once defeated it’s safe to enter the tomb to collect the Star of the Rogue.

All Royal Arms locations can be found in this article.

ffxv royal tomb

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Maximizing Your Final Fantasy XV Experience

After a decade of wait, Final Fantasy XV is finally here, and even better, it coincides the upcoming long holiday season!

Every release of a new Final Fantasy game always feels like a special occasion, even to the non-fans of the series, and this one is no different. Rumor said, half of the Japanese workforce and students bailed their jobs and schools on the release date.

Final Fantasy XV has been met with mostly favorable reception, getting the average Metascore of 84, highest for the series since 2006, so it’s definitely a must-buy, especially if you are a fan of the series or the JRPG genre.

What’s better enjoy your holiday seasons with a full-blown Final Fantasy XV experience? Haven’t got a chance to get your hands on the game? You are not too late. Finished the game already? Recent news stated that the game will receive major (free) updates to enhance the main story, there will also be upcoming DLCs, multiplayer mode, and VR support, so your journey in Eos is far from over.

Without further ado, let us delve deeper into how to maximize your Final Fantasy XV experience:

Getting the Deluxe Edition, especially for Kingsglaive

ffxv deluxe editionThere is a bit of a complaint that the storyline of Final Fantasy XV is vague. On the other hand, the CGI-movie Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV also received negative reviews for being ‘incomplete’.

The simple answer? They are simply meant to be enjoyed together as a package, and not separately, and there’s no better opportunity to enjoy both than getting the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Kingsglaive will explain what actually happened to the kingdom of Lucis before the start of the main game. It will further connect you with the late King Lucis, Lunafreya, the main heroine of the game, and Nyx, the main hero of the film who will make a (surprise) appearance in the main game.

Besides the Kingsglaive movie, the Deluxe Edition offered no shortage of other luxury physical and in-game items to further enhance your experience:

– Exclusive steel book featuring Yoshitaka Amano’s artworks
If you are a fan of the series, you should know how valuable Amano’s artworks are

-Royal Raiment DLC costume and Leviathan Regalia Skin

Cosmetics for both Noctis and the (infamous) car, and very nice cosmetics indeed.

-Masamune DLC weapon

For the long-term fans of the series, the name ‘Masamune’ should ring a bell. Yes, it is the weapon of the arguably, the most famous villain of the series, and in case you are wondering, the stats aren’t too shabby, and the weapon will be useful until mid-game.

Get a PS 4 PRO or XBOX One S

I wouldn’t lie, there are scars of the decade-long production in the game. There are jagged textures that felt like it was (indeed) made in pre-2010, but when it’s beautiful, the game is amazingly beautiful.

Surprisingly, the game also supports 4K textures. Yes, it’s checkerboard upscaled 4K and not native 4K, but again, it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Would getting a 4K-supporting PS4 Pro or Xbox One S enhance your overall experience? Definite yes. Is it worth it? If you already got a 4K TV, then another definite yes.

I personally feel that the 4K gaming will be an even bigger thing 2017 and onwards, and getting your 4K consoles now might be a great investment for the future.

Get your PS4 Pro here.

and your Xbox ONE S here.

ps4 pro

Get Your Playstation VR

Is there any reason to get this game on PS4 over Xbox One? The answer: Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience.

Unless you have been living under the rock in the past few years, you should know that VR is definitely the big thing nowadays and the years to come.

The Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience is definitely going to be one of the best PSVR experience today, graphic and gameplay wise. And I liked the idea of the VR FPS gameplay featuring Prompto. The VR experience will be an exclusive DLC (at least for now) for the PS4 version of the game.

There is no news about whether the VR Experience will be a paid DLC or a free update, but either way, it’s going to be worth the wait.

Get your PlayStation VR here.

prompto on vr

Get a (Proper) Headset

You will be surprised how using a high-quality headset will enhance your overall gaming experience, and if you haven’t, maybe it’s time to pick up the official high-end headset from both Sony and Microsoft.

The official Xbox One Stereo headset connects to your game controller seamlessly with a full-range speaker and a unidirectional microphone.

The Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is totally wireless with optional 3.5mm audio cable, stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound, and removable faceplates.

Both are excellent additions to your console and Final Fantasy XV and did I mention? Using a headset means you can totally ignore all those disturbing noises from your mom yelling around and thoroughly enjoy your games with extra sound details that you never notice before with a speaker.

xbox one official headset

Get (and upgrade) Your Controller

Nothing is worse than having your controller broke off of out of battery in the middle of your journey in Eos, and if you haven’t replaced your controller in a while, maybe it’s time to get a spare.

As a side note, ever since the release of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, the Dualshock 4 available on the market is slightly updated. The biggest noticeable difference is the extra lightbar, so you can see the color of the light pad easily. The material of the pad and (especially) the analog sticks are replaced with the better one, so no more peeling off of that analog rubbers.
Get your new Dualshock 4 here.

Getting a new Xbox One controller, on the other hand, will provide you with a FREE Alan Wake download coupons. If you haven’t enjoyed the award-winning Alan Wake back then when it’s released, it’s an excellent opportunity and a great value now. Get your controller here.

ps4 controller

Get the Complete Strategy Guide

kg-ffxv-guide-coverThe Final Fantasy series always promised deep, complicated quest lines with a lot of missable sidequests, items, equipment, and secrets, and I had to admit, the quest of the completionist could be very stressful indeed.

If you are a completionist like me, you might want to invest in a proper strategy guide so you can satisfy your inner OCD and actually enjoy the game.

Get the Killer Guides’ Final Fantasy XV strategy guide here. It’s only $19.99, came in PDF format, and updated regularly. Definitely a good investment!

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