VR Experience in Final Fantasy XV

Gaming enthusiasts all over the world were delighted when the director of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that the game will be available of PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR).

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Although this news came as a surprise, partly because the September 30 release date of the FFXV worldwide and the PS 4 VR October release date do not coincide, there were rumors already that the company was considering the option.

What most do not really know is that Kingsglaive and brotherhood precede the game release. The Newest trailer shows all the VR gaming experience of camping, battle, and movement from one place to another.

Most gaming enthusiasts thought by now that virtual reality would be the primer of all games. Though there has been significant progress on the technology, it has not quite hit the expected heights. I do not know whether various game demands outgrow the technology or just because its research and development are dragging on and on. The VR experience, though magical and fantastic by all means, will hope that the FFXV release will inspire enthusiasm among virtual reality fans.

What is Virtual Reality for newbies?

Have you ever been in this dream and you are the superhero, and you are in the thick of the action; before you get to unleash your best move yet, someone rudely interrupts by banging on your door? VR offer you exactly that experience but this time round, there is no one to interrupt you in your moment of glory. You get a chance to play as your favorite villain or hero using a first person perspective.

At E3 2016, gaming companies reiterated the fact that VR experience is not done yet and in future, we will get a chance to immerse ourselves and play alongside famous games heroes like Batman.

VR development focuses on simulation of reality. Current VR in the market aims at putting you in the middle of the action not just as a participant but as a player. You assume the role of one of the characters or avatars. PS 4 VR premiere in October 2016 and will compete with other leading VR developers notably Oculus and HTC.

VR Showcase at E3 2016

VR in Final Fantasy XV

The game is developed for both PS4 and Xbox. According to the demo, the player assumes the only playable role of Pronto, one of the formidable four bro band. I found the demo so decidedly simple. I mean a fire spitting Behemoth shouldn’t just die after a few shots. It is a little let off. I hope the demo was made simple intentionally with the hope to make gaming enthusiasts who want to enter gaming world to invest in the game.

Seasoned gamers expect multiple role experiences and individual levels of difficulty to stimulate their interest. The environment is great, and similarities with earth make the terrain and the expectation perfect, though.

Will FFXV be a different game on VR?

Absolutely not! It is meant to be a bonus feature for gamers who buy the base game. This was a response by Hajime Tabata who replaced the original series director Tetsuya Nomura in 2012. The fact that the release dates do not coincide; there is no possibility that the FFXV virtual experience will be available from the start. The game development and release are decided, and there is no waiting game. I also cannot wait for the experience and frankly hope that the demo is a dull version of the game itself.

Integration with PS’s virtual reality gadgets

In the demos, you use only two buttons making it way easy to navigate your way in Eos. The ultimate battle is between Lucis and Niflheim. Following ten years of development, Square Unix identifies the potential that VR reality brings in gaming and expects to rip big by offering the VR experience for free. Incorporating polygonized shooting gives you the experience, clarity, and the virtual imagination that missing in pixelated realities.

Of course concerns about VR drawbacks notably motion sickness remains, but in a controlled PS environment, gamers can at least be safe. Perhaps one of the reasons that VR remains caged, yet a monster in potential is the hallucination it can give. Some people have been joking that playing VR can help you save on hallucinogens. I am not entirely sure about this, but most people blame it on big spenders in gaming failing to inject money in VR research to make games entirely for virtual reality.

The fans are ecstatic, and the producers are optimistic that they remain on course to a successful virtual reality experience. Have a blast!

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