Transportation in FFXV:Chocobos and Regalia

The fifteenth episode of the Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XV is one of the most widely anticipated releases this year for those who love gaming. The game is still under development and expected to be released in September of 2016 in Xbox and PS4. The game will be available for Xbox and PlayStation players when it is released. A demo of the game has however been made available for players.

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Two game demos and showcases provide a sneak peak of what to be expected when the game finally comes out. One of the specs provided is about the transportation. Let’s take a look at two main mediums of transportation in FFXV: Chocobo and Regalia.


In the Final Fantasy XV world, the Chocobos can be rented out to travel. Currently, there are only two known colours; yellow and black. There will be two kinds; the yellow which are tame and the black which are in the wild. In the Episode Duscase demo, the black Chocobo can be spotted in the wood, but a player still are unable to ride it yet. When the final game comes out, it is highly possible that players can catch, breed, and ride them. More colours such as red, blue, and gold are expected to be include as well.

The chocobos are fast and agile helping players to travel almost everywhere.They do not fly, but can glide, jump, swim and dash. Although the Chocobos are slower than a car, Regalia, they can take a player to some areas that cannot access with a car. The speed and stamina are determined by the type of foods they are fed with.

Good food provides the Chocobos with large stamina pool as well as allows them to avoid the enemies or fight with a player. On the other hand, bad food means that they are bound to get exhausted quickly, and when you run into an enemy, they will run away and not fight with the team.

The Chocobos can be rented out in an early game and summoned by a whistle any time they are needed. One can make it jump or glide by pressing or holding the jump button. When you alight from a Chocobo, it follows you for a while before disappears.

Chocobos can be brought to camps and get buffs from food as well as Noctis and his team. Currently, it is still unconfirmed whether a player can breed them or not. We will add more information here once there’s any related update.

Chocobos can be rested since an early game.


This is a rather a mechanical mode of transport – a car. It is the most normal means of transport and will be used by the player most of the times. Ignis is a main driver. One cool feature that makes the car amazing in the game is its ability to get airborne in the late game. Hajime Tabata, the game director, informed us that the Regalia can be transformed into an airship at a later point helping a player to transport to areas they cannot go by ground.

Regalia is actually belong to the King Reigis, Noctis’ father. It has four seats with the interior made of dark leather. It has a plate reading “Insomnia” that lights up at night. The car can be customized by changing its paint and other specifications. It is expected that Cindy will play an important part upgrading the car including adding new features. She is a main repairer as well, but you are required to pay her, though.

Regalia – normal driving mode

When driving in auto mode, Ignis will drive the car to its destination. As he drives, you can get a taste of the scenery and listen to the conversations among the team members through the “Joyride View”. You can see through Ignis’ eyes using the “Driver View” or see the surroundings using the “Scenic View” feature.

A player can, however, switch to manual any time they wish to and be in charge of driving the car. When Regalia is being driven, the gas indicator appears to show the level of gas available in the tank. Low gas levels have to be refilled at a gas station. Noctis can park the car at any sports marked with the label “P”

The flying feature is one of the cool aspects of Regalia. Apart from providing road transport for the team, it can also function as the team’s airship. This feature will, however, not be available in an early game. Instead, the player will obtain it as an additional challenge when the game progress is over 50%. The flying function can only be activated after meeting certain conditions. It means that when you are able to get the flying Regalia, you are now at a later part of the game already.

The flying Regalia enables one to maneuver through the sky in any direction. Landing, however, has a catch. It can only land on a road. Just like the Chocobos, some areas can only be accessed via this flying mode.

Flying Regalia

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